questions on attributes of the trolleys

1. are the trolleys enclosed and air conditioned?

2. how many trolleys do you have?

3. do all the trolleys look the same?

4. can i have the black "molly's trolleys" Removed?

5. are the trolleys handicapped accessible?

6. how are the trolleys maintained?

7. how do you keep the trolleys looking so great?

1. are the trolleys enclosed and air conditioned

YES!!!   All of our trolleys that we charter for the majority of our events are enclosed and air conditioned.

There are 2 Braun Air Conditioners in each trolley (one A/c for the front of the trolley and Another AC for the back half of the trolley.)  Actually each trolley technically has 3 units if you count the unit for the driver.

However-  I also have 2  half -open trolleys that people book for parades and such. 

2. how many trolleys do you have? 

We  have 8 “identical”  trolleys (enclosed and air conditioned)  that we book for all Palm Beach County &  a smidge into neighboring counties (from Jupiter Island to Deerfield Beach.)   I also have 2 half- open trolleys that people book for parades and such. 


Yes, the trolleys look remarkably the same. We do that on purpose to keep a uniform appearance. 

The only ways the trolleys differ from each other are some are Gas Powered, some are Diesel, most trolleys are handicapped accessible, a few are not.  But- appearance wise-   It is very hard to tell the trolleys apart.  Even our cleaner (who is here almost every day) says she sometimes get’s confused and has to get off the trolley to see which one she is on! 


Unfortunately, the black Molly’s Trolleys signs on the exterior sides of the trolley are permanently attached. Therefore, we cannot remove them for your event.


Yes, MOST trolleys have handicap accessibility, however, not all.  **It is very important that you please specify that you need a handicap accessible trolley  when contracting for service*** 

Note: For every wheelchair, you lose 3 passenger seats. Please see handicapped features for more information. 

6. how are the trolleys maintained?

This is a really great question and honestly not something a lot of people factor into their decision process (but they should!)  We have a FULL TIME mechanic at Molly’s Trolleys  who does routine upkeep (oil changes/ lube)  as well as major repairs (engines and transmissions.)

7. how do you keep the trolleys looking so great?

We also have a full time  carpenter/ body work person who keeps the trolleys looking fabulous.   He  rotates  his work (seats/ floors/ ceilings etc)  thru the trolleys - replacing seat slats, touching up paint, woodworking and removing dents- to keep the trolleys looking FABULOUS.  The trolleys- inside and out- really do look exactly like you see in the photos on this web-site.