Banners - "Make our trolley your trolley!"


adding a banner to your trolley is a great way to advertise to all your event attendees!


You can Advertise Your Own Business or Find a Corporate Sponsor to Off-set the Cost of the Trolley.


There is No Cost for Attaching the Banner  - It is a Benefit of Using Us.

However, the Cost to Make the Banner for a 30 Passenger Trolley is Between $100-$200 with Our Sign Company, Depending on the Details Added.  


We Then Attach the Banner with Plastic Zipties to the Wooden Rails that Run along the Side of the Trolley. If you would like a banner, I do have a Diagram with the Exact Dimensions & Grommet Hole Spacing so the Banner is Designed Correctly.


So if you would like to personalize a trolley, please let us know, and we would be happy to help you add a banner!