Please be Careful when Choosing a

Transportation Operator


Transportation companies come and go in South Florida.  If you are getting a “great deal” with another operator, you really have to ask yourself why. Usually you exchange quality for cost. You will either receive a lower quality vehicle – in terms of mechanics or cleanliness – or a driver who is not prepared or trained properly. The other area operators can skimp on is insurance.  Insuring commercial vehicles is not cheap. Please make sure the operator is properly licensed and insured.

Another problem with “getting a great deal” is that the other operator will drop you if something better comes along.  You could be left ‘high and dry’ days or even hours before your event.  Unfortunately, we hear sad tales all the time about unscrupulous operators.

I especially caution out of state clients to research their operator. If a transportation company fails to live up to your expectations, it is difficult for any sort of recourse if you are planning from a thousand miles away!  Like with any service, always check references! 

Aspects to Look for When Choosing Transportation Service for

your Event : 

  • History of the Company/Years in Operation
  • Organized Sales Staff that provides a contract with details
  • Fully Licensed in the State and County
  • Insured through a credible insurance company
  • Drivers are Drug Tested and Background Checks performed
  • Current Testimonials