Circulator Shuttle Service


Tootle Lou Trolleys, Inc. dba Molly's Trolleys is a great way to shuttle people back and forth between the festival and designated parking areas or within a festival site.

Is parking limited at your festival site? To help eliminate parking issues and congestion, charter one or several trolleys to shuttle guests between designated parking areas and the festival/event site. You can customize the trolleys with a banner or notices in the window promoting your event.


Are you looking for a circular shuttle within your festival or event site? Molly's Trolleys is an attractive and fun way to help get people around within your site in a seamless manner.

A few examples include:

  • Events held at local parks where there are lots of people invited and/ or parking is an issue. 
  • Home Tours- the trolley circulates a set route to help people get around to all the homes.


For More Information 
Contact us at via phone 561-838-9511 or email us for more information or to get a quote. Our sales team will be more than happy to help make your next event a success.

If you email us to check on a date, please include  

  • Date of event 
  • Type of Event (Festival, Home Tour, etc)
  • Brief description of transportation needed (including sketch of hours)  
  • Size of Festival or shuttling needs (How big is lot we are shuttling to?) 
  • Locations