Questions about the day of your event

1. can you bring a cooler on board the trolley?

2. can I bring my own music for the trolley ride?

3. What kind of music do you offer on the trolley?

4. can i decorate the trolley myself?

5. if the wedding party is on board, can i bring my own

"Just married" Sign?

6. will the drivers have cellphones with them the day of my wedding?


1. can i bring a cooler on board the trolley?

YES, bringing one or two medium-sized cooler is fine.  Classy and in MODERATION drinking is fine, too! Please note, we recommend two medium-sized coolers over one huge cooler- because a huge cooler may block the aisle.  We also strongly recommend including bottled water in your cooler as well.  Attendants are always looking for water (keep hydrated!) after the ceremony!  

Important: Please be aware - Absolutely NO Kegs or Beer Bongs etc. are premitted on the trolley.



Absolutely! Each Trolley is equipped with a CD player and an iPod connector. So you can make your own CD, or bring your own  Ipod / smart phones, etc- any device that uses an iPod connector.


3. what kind of music do you offer on the trolley?

If you choose not to bring your own music on a CD or iPod, the driver will play music appropriate to the evening.  For example - for Wedding Parties- we usually play Party Classic Favorites (Songs like: Celebrate Good Times, We are Family, etc).  For Wedding Guests or Dinner Guests, the driver usually plays pleasant/upbeat Easy Listening songs  (Songs like: Under the Boardwalk, etc).   If you have a specific song or genre request- we can try to accommodate your needs. 


4. can i decorate the trolley myself?

We do decorate the trolley (with silk flower garland) for you as part of the Wedding Party Package (Silk  Flower Garland/ Specific Music / Just Married sign), but sorry-  NO, we do not allow individuals to decorate the interior of the trolleys themselves.  The interior is high polished wood and any sort of adhesive will ruin the finish.  The trolleys are so beautiful/classy/gorgeous you won't want to change a thing!


5. If the wedding party is on board, can i bring my own

"Just Married" Sign? 

Again, sorry, but NO, we cannot allow you to bring your own Just Married Sign to attach to the back of the trolley.  It isn't easy keeping signs attached to the back of a moving vehicle – you definitely don’t want the sign to fly off as you are going down the road and hit another vehicle (that would be very bad!).  We therefore, have signs made especially for the trolleys so we don’t have any mishaps. Also, any sort of (duct) tape would ruin the paint job on the vehicle and that is expensive to fix!  

See Photo of Our "Just Married" Sign on the back of the trolley. 


6. Will the drivers have cellphones with them on the day of my Wedding? 

YES!  Communication and organization are essential to a well planned event. Another great feature of using Molly’s Trolleys is our Driver Cell Phone Sheets.  The Monday (or earlier) before your event we review all details of the shuttling and event - from locations and who our contact is, to  how many people to expect and timing, to end of night procedures.  We then organize all this information on one sheet - called the Driver Cell phone Sheet.  Also included on the Driver Cell Phone Sheet are your drivers’ names, drivers’ cell phone number, and Emergency contact information for Molly’s Trolleys (Including the event manager's direct cell phone).