Questions on Reserving a Trolley 


1. how do I reserve Molly's trolleys for my wedding? 

2. What type of information will i need to provide to reserve the trolley for my wedding?

3. how do i figure out how many trolleys i need to transport my wedding guests?

4. why does molly's trolleys need to know how many guests to be moved when doing wedding guests shuttling?

5. why does molly's trolleys request so much information?

6. Do you do bachelor and bachelorette party shuttling?

7. do you travel outside palm beach county? 

1. how do i reserve molly's trolleys for my wedding?

The first step is to either email or call Molly’s Trolleys West Palm Beach at 561-838-9511 (M- F 8am-4pm) to see if we are available for your event date.  Please note, we only only have 10 trolleys that we book for all of Palm Beach County. We often "book out" on Saturdays anywhere between 3-10 months in advanced, but it all depends on the date. 

Once we know we are available, the next step is we will go over your itinerary and times and send out a proposal (quick sketch.) If the proposal is acceptable, the next step is to send you contract and invoice quote based upon the tentative itinerary as discussed. As a courtesy, we generally hold the trolley for about 2 weeks to give the client time to review the information.  Once you receive the contract, read it through, sign it and send it back along with your deposit payment.  The deposit requested is $250/ trolley. Once we receive your signed contract, we will countersign the contract and send a copy to you for your records.  Only a signed contract and deposit secures the trolley for your date.


If you are emailing about our availability and pricing, please include the following details in your email:

  • Name
  • Contact Phone #
  • Your Wedding Event Date
  • Whether the trolley is for the Wedding party or the Wedding Guests, for the Rehearsal Dinner or for Sunday Brunch. 
  • Event Location(s)  All service must be in Palm Beach County
  • Wedding Ceremony Start and End Time - i.e. 5-5:45pm 
  • Wedding Reception Start and End Time - i.e. 6-11pm
  • How many people needing transportation (Best guess-how many guests you need to transport)

Based on Event Locations, a short sketch of what you need and your basic timing. We will need to have your ceremony and reception locations and times, plus the name/address for the pick-up location prior to the ceremony (if applicable).  This will help us figure out your total  hours in usage and estimated total cost. 


I'm interested in Trolley Service for my wedding guests on 3/24/2018.  We estimate 90-100 out of town guests staying at 2 Delray hotels (maybe Marriott and Hyatt)  Schedule: 3:30pm Pick up at Hotels for 4-5pm Ceremony at Delray  (name here) Church;  5pm Transport from Church to Reception at Delray Country Club; Reception 5:30pm-11:30pm.   11:30pm  Return wedding guests to hotel.  

NAME HERE and Phone Number: 561-555-5555


No worries - we can help you!  Figuring out what transportation you need is a formula of how many guests, pickup and drop off locations and level of service you want to provide. Sometimes clients want every rider to have a seat or due to the distance between venues you need to have a seat per person.

Other times,  if your venues are close together and the client doesn’t mind asking guests to wait for the next trolley, or staggering trip times, then sometimes one trolley can make a few trips.

At Molly’s Trolleys, we try to talk thru your event so we can set suggest the best way to set it up that meets your criteria. The more we understand your event- the better we can help you set up your transportation in a successful manner (that is within your budget.)


4. why does molly's trolleys need to know how many guests to be moved when doing wedding guest shuttling?

We want to ensure that we can realistically move all of the guests in the time frame allotted. Between Florida bridges and traffic, we don’t want anyone to be late for the ceremony!


5.why does molly's trolleys request so much information?

When you first call or email, we ask a lot of questions because we want to make sure the trolleys are a GOOD FIT for your event.  For example- we typically only operate in Palm Beach County (Or small bits of Martin and Broward counties) and if you are doing a LONG 30 minute plus highway trip- then probably a coach bus (built to ride I95 with bucket seats) may be  a better option for you for comfort.  So therefore,   I will only accept your event- if the trolleys are  appropriate for your event.  We believe in always doing what is best for the client (even if it means not doing the event!)

After we determine the trolleys are a good fit for your occasion, we will put together you are a  preliminary itinerary / sketch of your event.  We can help suggest a streamlined way to set up your shuttling (recommended pickup times or strategy if there are multiple hotels)   Finally- once you book-  we want to ensure that your wedding day transportation runs as smoothly as possible-after all, this is a very special day for you! That is why attention to detail is so very important to us.  By having the itinerary and directions ironed out before the wedding day, we can address any potential problems.  If you are working with a company that doesn’t ask questions (or doesn’t have you sign a contract) you really have to ask yourself- Are they really concerned about the success of  my event? 


6. do you do bachelor and bachelorette party shuttling?

NO, I'm sorry, we do not provide shuttling for bachelor and bachelorette parties. This is just our company policy and not a good fit for us.  I would suggest contacting a local party bus or shuttle bus company. 


 7. do you travel outside palm beach county? 

Generally, NO, we do not offer service outside of Palm Beach County. The only exceptions in which we do travel outside the county are: 

1) If your event is Just North of the County Line - (i.e - Jupiter Island) but  No further than Hobe Sound 

2) If your event is Just South of the County Line - but No Further Than Deerfield Beach. 

3) If you are requesting shuttling for a multi day-multi trolley event then we will go a little further (like Stuart)