Wedding Guest Shuttle Service

Need a fun, attractive and reliable way to transport your out of town guests to the Wedding? 
Stop worrying! -
Choose Molly’s Trolleys.


Out of Town Guests

Whether you’re inviting a few or many out of town guests to your wedding, you don’t want them to worry about the hassle or expense of finding their own transportation. Providing guest transportation also allows them to enjoy the celebration  without worrying about how they are going to get back to the hotel at the end of the night.

Charter a trolley to transport your out of town guests around for the evening of your wedding.  Normally, we first pick up the guests at a local hotel and transport them to the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, the trolley transports the guests to the reception.    At the conclusion of the reception, the trolley(s) returns all guests- safely- back to their respective hotel(s).   


Shuttling Wedding Guests to a Private Home with Limited Parking

If you are having your wedding at a private home or maybe at a venue where there just isn’t enough parking, Molly’s Trolleys is the perfect way to shuttle guests from a local parking lot through the neighborhood to the home.  Keep the peace with the neighbors! Your neighbors would much rather have a beautiful trolley motoring down their street, instead of strangers parking on their lawn.


Shuttling Wedding Guests to a Venues/Beaches with Limited Parking

Often Molly’s Trolleys is asked to transport guests to a ceremony on the beach or to a venue (museum or park) with limited parking.  A beautiful setting is enhanced by our gorgeous trolley moving your guests in comfort.