Wedding Party Shuttle

Are you looking for a way to transport the bride, the groom, and your attendants to the wedding ceremony and/or reception?

Molly's Trolleys are a charming and stylish way for you and your wedding party to make a grand entrance at the reception. The trolleys are perfect for larger wedding parties or smaller parties with room on board for family and friends to join in the fun. Since the trolleys hold a maximum of 30 passengers, you can charter just ONE TROLLEY, instead of two or more limousines, and everyone can ride together!  Most wedding parties we transport are between 12 and 20 people (although the trolley seats up to 30 riders).  The trolleys are perfect for wedding parties because they provide plenty of room for all your attendants. 

A typical 16 passenger Limo will generally seat between 12-14  “adult size” people.   Our trolleys can seat up to 30 passengers, so your wedding party has extra room to move around the vehicle.  You can keep your expensive dress “wrinkle free”  and everyone walks to their seat. No one has to crawl on the floor!


How do Wedding Parties Typically set up their transportation?

There are many ways you can set up your wedding transportation. It just depends on your situation. Often we pickup ladies (and sometimes the gentlemen) prior to the ceremony. Then the whole wedding party boards the trolley after the ceremony and we transport everyone to the reception site together. 

On other occasions, we just meet the wedding party at the Church after the ceremony and transport the whole Wedding party to the reception.

No worries!  Call us and we can help you figure it out!


Wedding Party Shuttling Service Includes

  • Beautifully decorated trolley with a garland of silk flowers
  • "Just Married" sign placed on rear of trolley (after the ceremony)
  • Client is able to bring a cooler of beverages (in moderation please!) on board the trolley.

(Client to provide their own beverages, container, and ice if they so desire.)